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Update 31 March 2012: Kit Availability and Pricing

Based on the performance and handling that we're seeing with Brad Hill's Tetra-15 variant of the basic HP-24 kit, I am ready to announce pricing and availability of the HP-24 sailplane kit.

The five kits are:


Price: 2911.38

Lead time: 7 weeks The tail kit contains all of the parts and materials to construct the horizontal stabilizer, elevator, and rudder. Also included are the stabilizer attach plate and the elevator autoconnect bellcrank.


Price: 9704.62

Lead time: 12 weeks

The fuselage kit contains the parts and materials to construct the fuselage including all control system parts.


Price: 16174.36

Lead time: 16 weeks

The wing kit contains the parts and materials to construct both wings, including the airbrakes and flaperons and all wing control system parts.


Price: 3558.36

Lead time: 6 weeks

The finishing kit contains the canopy transparency and frame, the main wheel, tire, and brake, the gear doors, the instrument pod and the instrument panel. It also includes the tailwheel and the tailwheel fender and fairing.


Price: TBD

Lead time: 11 weeks

The trailer kit contains the parts and materials to construct a clamshell-type sailplane trailer. It includes the welded chassis and top frames, the axle, wheels, and tires, aluminum skin material, the tongue and hitch, and all electrical wiring and lights.

The total of the four HP-24 sailplane kits is 32,348.72, which is about 10% lower than the November 2004 pricing. Prices are locked in on receipt of a 50% deposit. If you put a 50% deposit on all four I'll lower the total even more to $29,000, an additional 10% discount.

In order to be eligible for amateur-built certification, count on spending at least two weeks at our Arnold facility fabricating wing and fuselage parts for your kit. The weeks do not have to be contiguous.

Also, I'm open to sweat-equity trades. If you have more free time than money, we can work something out. Drop me an email!

You can also track the project on Facebook. In fact, that's probably the best way to see what's new.

Homebuilt aviation is not for folks who don't try things at home.

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